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Folding Arm Awnings


  • The perfect solution for the Aussie sun but also able to retract in so you can enjoy the warmth when desired.​

  • Perfect for outdoor balcony areas, patios, pool areas and alfresco eating areas.​

  • You can lower your indoor temperature by 10-15 degrees and the glare by over 90%.​

  • Modern fabrics to choose from, these can be custom made to many sizes.​​

  • These awnings can be manually operated or automated.

  • Wind sensors can be fitted to send your awnings in of you are out and the wind picks up

  • Why not meet us on your site to discuss what can be done.

Folding arms awnings are the perfect solution for shade when there is no structure about to fit another shade option 

Watch Our Demonstration

Motorised Folding Arm Awning, Crank Tilt & Wind Sensor

A perfect addition to a space that is now protected from the harsh Australian sun. The indoor floors also protected now from the outdoor folding arm awning.

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