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Wave Fold Curtains

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  • Beauty, elegance and character are the most used words to describe our Wave Fold curtains.

  • Wave Fold, sometimes referred to as S-Fold is a contemporary luxurious looking style.

  • Wave Fold Curtains are often chosen by architects as they look the same from inside and out, creating a seamless appeal.

  • Most often made from a sheer fabric, they do not appear bulky when pushed back .

  • Many of our clients choose to put a block out roller blind underneath this application.

  • With a multitude of colours to choose from, it is hard to go past this product to create your timeless look.

  • Ideal for use in your bedrooms, study, lounge and living areas. Sometimes used in home theaters.

  • Why not meet us on your site to discuss what can be done.

Wave Fold Curtains are the epitome of style and elegance.

Watch Our Demonstration

Sheer Curtains & Roller Blinds: Before & After

BEFORE & AFTER. We finished this job for another happy customer. Heavy drapes and pelmets were replaced with a more up to date and timeless look with sheer curtains and battery operated roller blinds.

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