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Ziptrak Blinds User Videos

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  • As a valued customer or potential customer, here are some important videos to ensure the smooth operation of your blinds.

Ziptrak® Blinds - User Video Guides 

We highly recommend you watch the appropriate videos for your space.

Clear PVC - Crucial Information

Leave this blind down most of the time.

If you have bought PVC Ziprak through KiwiFit Blinds we highly recommend that you watch this video. PVC is affected by the cold weather. You bought this product to keep the weather out and mainly in the colder months. The cold affects how the product operates. We recommend you leave the blind down in the colder months or you will find it is harder to use. 

Clear PVC - #2 Info

Leave this blind down most of the time.

This is a 2nd video that explains a little further about your clear PVC blinds. 

Mesh Fabric Ziptrak  - Key Information

Wind will affect how this blind operates.

The wind can affect the movement of our Mesh Ziptrak Binds.Peter explains what happens as the wind hits the blind and how to mange this.

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